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Thread: Feed Viewer inside a window

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    Question Feed Viewer inside a window

    Hi All,

    I am trying to make use of Feed-Viewer in my application.

    I am trying to add this inside the window (in a desktop) . But could not do it, probably Viewport of feed-viewer is creating a problem. Can we really have two viewports (1. Feed-viewer 2. Desktop) for a single document.

    Please let me know your suggestions.

    Any help towards this would be really useful.

    Thanks for your precious time interest towards my concern.

    Thanks and Regards,
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    only one viewport.

    remove the feedviewer from the viewport and place it in a maximized window.

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    Question Feed Viewer inside a window

    Dear Jgarcia,

    Thanks a billion for your time.

    I tried to replace a viewport in 'FeedViewer.js' with Ext.Panel, but the Preview-Panel is creating a problem, reason being it is using 'Ext.Template.from'.

    Also, I found that Preview-Panel has dependency on 'div' in 'view.html'. Please let me know your valuable suggestions, how can I resolve this.

    Jgarcia, I really appreciate your efforts, for my concern.

    Thanks and Regards,

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    I had the same problem with previewpanel sending some this.body.update('') javascript error "this.body is undefined".
    After removing in FeedViewer.js the addFeed calls
    // add some default feeds
            text: ' Blog'
        }, false, true);
    I got the Feedviewer showing okay in a tab . I created the feedviewer as a Panel like this :
    var feedViewerPanel = new Ext.Panel({
            title: 'RSS Feeds',
                new Ext.BoxComponent({ // raw element
                    el: 'header',
    if you use the BoxComponent inside the panel don't forget to put the following div in your html :
    <div id="header"><div style="float:right;margin:5px;" class="x-small-editor"></div></div>
    Of course you also need the textarea with the template in your html.

    Having this set you can call the addFeed() method once the viewport is created, at least that worked for me.
    I'll put a demo online as soon as I have fixed some other things.

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    Arrow Feed viewer inside a panel

    Dear Loicdevau,

    I appreciate your efforts, success.

    What I am trying to do is, I want to add this feed viewer inside a window (i.e. Panel). I can not use viewport, because feed viewer is the only part of my application (desktop) and not the whole.

    Please let me know is there any way, I can add viewport inside a window (except iFrame). Or how can I add feed viewer inside a Panel.

    Thanks you all, for your time and energy.

    Thanks and Regards.

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    well that's what I have been doing. I added the feedviewer to a panel, the panel to a tabpanel and the tabpanel to a viewport.


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    Question Lets go in details

    Dear Loicdevau,

    My intention is "just not to have viewport in picture". Because I already I have one('desktop').

    I tried, as you mentioned but I am getting the following error, when I replace viewport with panel

    this.body is undefined                        MainPanel.js (line 38)
    Also can I have a feedviewer without viewport.

    What if I add mainPanel and feeds inside a panel, and this panel inside another windowPanel(in your case its tabPanel). Till this point no doubt, but what about previewPanel, where are you adding this? Is viewport necessary for this component.

    Thanks a lot for your patience and efforts, Please do the needful, if possible can I see your demo online.

    Thanks and Regards,

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    If you read my previous posts carefully you'll see that I am mentioning this error and a workaround.
    You were asking if you could put the feedviewer inside a panel and I answered yes. Now you are free to stick this panel wherever you want ... including trashcan

    I don't know how desktop works but I would
    1. solve the js problem "this.body is undefined"
    2. follow jgarcia @ advice and put the feedviewer inside a window
    3. use this window with your desktop
    I put the demo online but this might not help you much since it's based on a viewport.
    It might be interesting for other though.
    Here is the link

    Push the trial and error method a little further and I am sure you will find the solution.
    I sent you a private message to offer you assistance on skype so we can find and publish the solution faster and avoid long and boring talks on this board.

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    Question FeedViewer In Panel - But issues incorporating in Desktop


    I have been browsing Google for the past week or so trying to find examples of people using the Web-Desktop from ExtJs and have found many examples on how to add certain information onto my desktop style site for the game I play. I have found a way to put a feed-viewer into a panel and have it load immediately on page load, but have not been able to make it load off of a shortcut link on the desktop. Any advice would be grateful.

    My Demo Links are here:

    This link has the feedviewer loading in a window and queries the feeds properly:

    This link has it loading with the OnReady feature but doesn't pull the feeds.

    This link tries to load it via shortcut and it doesn't load:
    This site loads the desktop style environment but notice that the start menu is missing the following links: Ventrilo Status and Forum Feeds

    I will provide any source and would love any assistance. I have tried many different options and tried many different ways to get this incorporated properly for my site. I am sure once this is completed and working as a feed-viewer in a panel many other ExtJs Desktop users will use it in their site.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance.
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    Arrow FeedViewer In Panel - But issues incorporating in Desktop

    Dear Darkassassain,

    As Loicdevaux guided me, Please go through the his reply to thread and visit.

    There can be only one viewport in a document.

    So, naturally you need to remove the viewport from feed-viewer and replace it with panel.


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