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Thread: new Ext.form field type - MiscField

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    Default handy extension

    But I'm having a problem getting the spacing in IE working properly.

    I'm using the miscelField to hold some info fed from the selection of a combo box. Unless they select a certain value, the miscel field needs to be hidden. Only shown(and filled) if they select the value I specify.

    I have tried several different things and the following is the only thing I can get working 1/2 right. otherwise it shows the info in the top corner instead of below the combo box.

            interfaceInfoPlaceholder = new Ext.form.MiscField("interfaceSelection",{
                fieldLabel:" ",
                labelSeparator: "", 
                id: "interfaceInfo",
                hideMode: "visibility"
            txtInterfaceInfoPlaceholder = Ext.get("interfaceSelection");
            //these give an error - container is null
    any suggestions would be helpful.
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    Hi All

    This is a very nice and very useful extension. Thanks for building it .

    I had a few problems with it though that I thought I would report --

    First of all the applyTo function seems to be overwriting a property that ext is expecting to use. In order for make the class work I had to pass in an applyTo value of null in its config.

    Also I couldn't get the class to work with out lazily instantiating it.

    So I added this line of code to the end of the class:

    HTML Code:
    Ext.reg('form-miscfield', Ext.form.MiscField);

    Here is an example of what did and didn't work for me:
    HTML Code:
    	var testMiscField = {
    		xtype : 'form-miscfield',
    		fieldLabel: 'MiscField',
    		id: 'miscfield',
    		width: 160,
    		value: 'blah blah blah',
    		applyTo : null
    	form = new Ext.FormPanel({
    		items : [testMiscField],
    		renderTo: document.body
    	//Doesn't work:
    	var testMiscField = new Ext.form.MiscField({
    		xtype : 'form-miscfield',
    		fieldLabel: 'MiscField2',
    		id: 'miscfield2',
    		width: 160,
    		value: 'blah blah blah'
    	form = new Ext.FormPanel({
    		items : [testMiscField],
    		renderTo: document.body
    I should also note that I am using version 3.0.1 of ext

    Keep up the good work.

    Best Regards

    Will Ferrer

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    Default new Ext form field type MiscField

    very nice map-tried doing something like this a few times, but never worked, so thanks

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    Default Ext.form.DisplayField

    Yes, I know this post is very, very old. But seeing tenBoxelulley's post I'm not the only one who has found it while looking for a way to add a form item with text rather than an input field. There is no need for an extension to do this in ExtJS 3. You can use Ext.form.DisplayField

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