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Thread: Minor context menu issues

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    Default Minor context menu issues

    I've gotten my grid working and context menu for right-clicking rows. Only a couple of minor issues I noticed and wonder if there are cookbook solutions for.

    First, my grid is at the bottom of my page. If I right click the bottom-most row, the menu outline is properly shifted upward so that the whole menu outline will appear on the screen. However, the menu items themselves are not shifted, so I get a menu with blank space at the top, and then the first item can be like 1 and a half slots down. Looks very strange.

    Second, I notice if I click outside my grid panel the menu remains on the screen. I can probably figure this one out by learning how to handle the mouse events, but any help appreciated.

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    How are you doing this? What browser? Because it works fine on FF for me:

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