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Thread: Ext.ux.form.SuperBoxSelect as seen on facebook and hotmail

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    Hi is this thing working with Ext 5.1 ?

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    Hello, thanks for your effort to build this useful piece of software.

    Unfortunately, not having chosen any license for your code, it falls into a legal void, where nobody could really use it with guarantees. Assuming you own the copyright of the code (you most likely do if you wrote it), licensing your code is as easy as adding a file and a comment.

    A couple of interesting choices of licensing for your case:
    • The MIT license (, if you want to grant permission to use your software to anyone, including those who purchased the commercial versions of Ext JS and use it in closed source projects.
    • The GPL license (, version 3, if you want to grant permission to use your software only to those who build open source projects with the GPL version of Ext JS.
    If you chose the latter option, you may still grant explicit permission for using your code in closed source projects to certain individuals or organizations, as long as you are the copyright holder.

    I would gladly help you if you had doubts about how to do this
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    Anyone can share a similiar 4.2 version?

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