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Thread: Radiobutton not showing

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    Question Radiobutton not showing

    Hi I am getting the problem with radiobutton when they are define in groups , the problem is that the boxlabel of radiobutton is shown but the image for radiobutton is not visible , when we click somewhere on boxlabel the radiobutton got checked and unchecked ,can anyone tell whats the fix for this.

    Vivek Sharma

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    Default Radiobutton not showing

    Hi , i need to call an handler on the click of radiobutton ,and in Ext 3 handlers are remove from the config properties of radiobutton so I have to call an event on radiobutton , i have define the radiobutton given below , but radiobutton is not visible , boxlabel is visible and on click on boxlable radiobutton got checked and unchecked.

    this.resend_Additional_Radio = new Ext.form.Radio({
    name: 'Resend',
    id: 'dashboard_resend_additional_radio',

    Vivek Sharma

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