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Thread: DataGrid and Cell Alignment Quirks

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    Default DataGrid and Cell Alignment Quirks


    Has anyone seen the datagrid render the values in the cells out of alignment?

    So I am displaying 10 records in my grid, but in each cell, the value is pushed up to the top of the cell and "almost" into the row above it

    So if you look in each cell in row 3, the values are actually are pushed up so far vertically they look to almost be in row 2. If I click on any row in the datagrid then they all re-position themselves perfectly in the cells.

    Any ideas why the alignment is out of whack?



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    Do you have any custom CSS that could cause this?

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    Thanks for the reply. I will disable the other CSS that the page uses to see if the problem persist. The weird thing is though once I click a row in the datagrid, everything realigns itself perfectly so I doubt it's the CSS but I will try.


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