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Thread: [UPDATED v0.2][3.0] tool, Original xtheme-blue.css Theme Color Changer

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    Quote Originally Posted by joeri View Post
    Great tool. One issue I notice is that the old theme is getting cached when you click generate theme twice with different settings and the same theme name.
    yeah I noticed that as well, didn't even know you could change the name until I saw this post, so that can probably confuse users.

    Syscobra, I would have to say this is one of the most useful things I have found in a long time. Anyone that has had to change the colors of a theme for ext would know that this is an extremely tedious task - I had to do this a awhile back, but next time I will be using your solution and giving a good donation as well!


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    Just updated the tool and included the Human (Ubuntu) theme from momarf ( as source too for the generated themes.

    I hope you guys like it the way it is now!.

    Cya Around.
    Javier Rincón aka SysCobra

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    Hi, I have a color in Hex format, I have sought in various converters, and all throw me hsl format, but in the ranges that can accept your page as I can out of this problem quickly?

    sorry for my english

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