Hi all.
I would like to share my Color Theme Changer for ExtJS 3.0.

This is the version v0.3

With this tool you can now change the Hue(colors), Saturation(intensity of colors) and Lighting(brightness of colors) of the current xtheme-blue.css for ExtJS 3.0.3 version.

The ranges are for hue -360 to 360 Saturation -100 to 100 and lightness -100 to 100.

Take care with the lightness because more than +10 looks awful, i just added the posibility because is what the color charts says

Just change the hue saturation and lightness to whatever you want then press "Preview Colors". You will see a palette of colors to compare with the original blue from Ext.
[Update v0.3] I added the Human (Ubuntu) theme from momarf (http://www.extjs.com/forum/showthread.php?t=81805) i asked him permission with a private message but i have not received the reply yet, but as it is free i used it, if he has any problem with it then i will have to change this.

[Update v0.2] Now you can view an not exact change of an image from window to preview colors.

If you like the colors then put the name (according to the colors you change) of the theme and click "Generate Theme". It will generate the xtheme-"yourtheme".css file change the gif's and png's from the original blue ones, make the ZIP file to download and then Change the theme of the tool to watch your newly generated theme.

For example if i put a hue of -59 and click preview i then see that the colors has changed to green ones. then i put the theme name "green" and click on "Generate Theme" and voala i got the zip with green theme.

If you ask how it is done, i use a lot of preg_matches and string replacements to get the colors from the file, then preg_matches to get the images and i made a Color changer with a conversion utility called color.php from PHP classes. (Just make the other functions to adapt to this tool, image changer from gif etc)

Its made in PHP with ExtJS 3.0 RC1

Any feedback about the tool is welcome.

Have Fun

-Include an editor of the Titles and all Fonts colors used by the theme.

- Now we are using the 3.0.3 version of the theme.
- I added the hability to use as source the Human (Ubuntu) Theme from momarf (http://www.extjs.com/forum/showthread.php?t=81805)
- Fixed the examples panels and windows. Thanks Shea!
- Use of a preview image of a window to see better what it will look like, Its slow but better than generating all the theme.
- Created the Color Theme Changer
- Added to the xtheme-blue.css the normal link colors for anchors (a)
- Zip file download of the generated theme