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Thread: Documentation Bugs - Ext Core 3.1

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    Default Element - Advanced Event Handling - hover

    The documentation regarding the hover event is incorrect. I am just starting out with Extjs so please excuse me if this is not 100% accurate. Here is the example code as shown in the documentation:

    // handles when the mouse enters the element
    function enter(e,t){
    // handles when the mouse leaves the element
    function leave(e,t){
    // subscribe to the hover
    el.hover(over, out);Obviously you are creating an enter and leave function, but when you are invoking the hover function, you are using "over" and "out" vs "enter" and "leave".

    The second thing that drove me crazy for hourse is that t is not an Ext.Element object so t does not have a toggleClass function. t is a standard dom action. Below is an example that actually works:

    // handles when the mouse enters the element
    function enter(e,t){
    elem = Ext.get(t);
    // handles when the mouse leaves the element
    function leave(e,t){
    elem = Ext.get(t);
    // subscribe to the hover
    el.hover(enter, leave);As am just starting to use Extjs, If there is a better way, I would appreciate knowing.

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    Default Ext.EventManager / removeAll is not enable?

    Ext.EventManager / removeAll method is not enable.

    in EventManager.js

    E.un(el, ename, v.wrap);
    v.wrap is undefined.

    this is Ext Core 3.0 and Ext JS 3.0(SVN).

    Ext.EventManager.on and Ext.EventManager.un is OK.

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    Default Manual


    Utility > Array Handling > each (2nd lign) : eac should be replaced by each

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    Ext 3.0 Core Manual:
    Class System/JavaScript Classes.. extend function (left off a , after the constructor function)

    Element/Manipulation: Search for "and finally lets look at 'afterEnd' " and it shows'elId').insertHtml('beforeEnd','<p>Hi</p>'); instead of afterEnd

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    Default Ext Core 3.0 Manual

    Not really a bug, but need some reorders in:

    • Element > Advanced Event Handling
      Descriptions for hover / removeAllListeners should be moved up or down since these are methods in a middle of descriptions of config options for addListener
    • Element > Manipulation > Html Fragments
      Descriptions for remove / removeAll should be moved to somewhere in "Element > Manipulation > Html Fragments" section.

    Need some style check
    • Element > Animations
      Anchor value table's <th> tag needs restyling (font-size, etc)

    Repeated sentenses in:

    • Generating Markup > DomHelper
      DomHelper (abbreviated DH) is a utility class used to dynamically generate markup and works around many cross-browser issues encountered when creating markup using raw DOM scripting. DH is intelligent enough to use HTML Fragments and innerHTML where appropriate to optimize speed without sacrificing compatibility.Since Ext.DomHelper is a singleton, all its methods can be accessed statically without instantiating a new instance of the class.

      Ext.DomHelper is a singleton. Therefore you can access all of its methods statically without instantiating a new instance of the class.

    and as mentioned in eralier post, descriptions for Template class are missing...

    BTW, Japanese version is almost complete (with above points fixed)
    Ext Japan, LLC [Twitter: @extjapan]
    [Ext JS / Ext GWT????????][????????????][Ext JS???????????????]

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    Default Manual Bug

    Ext Core Manual -> Element -> Positioning

    You have "Notice the element has a width of 895px, a height of 1669px" yet the screenshot shows a hight of 1691px as does the following documentation.

    I know its a tiny mistake but people beat me to the other ones I have found so far.

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    Exclamation Minor typo found in ExtJS Core 3 manual...

    Since I did not find any discussion grouop about ExtJS Core 3, here may be a good place to post:

    Section: Element > Manipulation > Html Fragments: I found this:

    And finally lets look at 'afterEnd'. 'elId').insertHtml('beforeEnd', '<p>Hi</p>')
    But I think it should be:

    Code:'elId').insertHtml('afterEnd', '<p>Hi</p>')
    The example followed is correct, only the example code has typo.

    Please fix, thank you very much.

    By the way, please keep ExtJS 3 as simple as possible.

    One more thing, after I download the zipped Ext Core 3 and extract, the file: ext-core-3/ext-core.js (I guess this is minified) is 75 KB as shown in my windows machine, not 25 KB as declared in webpage. Did I make a mistake or misunderstand? Please correct me if I am wrong.

    Thank you very much.
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    Default setStyle animation

    on Ext Core Manual, you can see on the setStyle example:

    Ext Core Manual -> Element -> CSS & Styling

    // animate the transition of color'elId').setStyle('color', '#FFFFFF', true);
    // animate the transition of color with a duration of .75 seconds'elId').setStyle('color', '#FFFFFF', {duration: .75});

    I've tried the samples but the transition of color didn't work. The API Documentation didn't put any param for animation either the source code.

    Not just color transition. Even when I set style for height and put a duration for animation on it, there was no animation.

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    Default [3.0]Missing Public Property of Ext.EventObject

    i just saw that in Doc API. Ext.EventManager has a public property
    called A, B, C, D,E,F and many More are added i think this is the public property of EventObject and the same things are missing from the EventObject.
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    Shibu Bhattarai

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    ExtJS Core Manual

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    Hi all,

    In API Docs, class Ext.Element, signature of scrollTo method is :
    scrollTo( String side, Number value, [Boolean/Object animate] ) : Element
    But we can't animate scrolling, in source code there's no scrollTo function with 3 params.
    So either a piece of code is missing, either the doc is incorrect.

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