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Thread: grid row height

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    Default grid row height

    It might be a very naive question,
    but how can i customize the grid row height in css??

    I mean how can i override the grid row height css?

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    I'd like to know that as well. We're porting an existing app over which has more compact rows. Using the default Ext grid we loose about 22% of the rows we were able to display in the previous version on comparable screens.

    Also, would doing so effect inline editing? i.e. would the row need to get a little taller when you go into edit mode which might cause some funky UI behavoir.

    Edit: I just noticed this was in the GWT forum, so if there is a solution is it same in JS vs GWT... thanks in advance.

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    Has anyone determined how to set the row height in a ext datagrid?

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