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Thread: Problem loading data with Ext.ux.AspWebServiceProxy

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    Default Problem loading data with Ext.ux.AspWebServiceProxy

    Hello. I'm trying to load all the data to grid with Asp.Net WebServices using Ext.ux.AspWebServiceProxy. Everything work good, params sent to server, got data, returned and then I see this error in FireBug :

    this.indexOf is not a function
    remove()(Object Root=[23] totalCount=23)Ext.js (line 1044)
    onComplete(Object _webRequest=Object _resultObject=Object, Object)ScriptRe...fd53f54f4 (line 5492)
    (?)()(Object _webRequest=Object _resultObject=Object, Object)ScriptRe...fd53f54f4 (line 2399)
    Sys$Net$WebRequest$completed(Object)ScriptRe...fd53f54f4 (line 5103)
    (?)()()ScriptRe...fd53f54f4 (line 4721)
    [Break on this error] var index = this.indexOf(o);
    store configuration is as follows :

    var store = new{proxy:new Ext.ux.AspWebServiceProxy({  
    reader: new
    {id:'id',root:'Root',totalProperty:'totalCount',fields: [
    {name: 'idCreator', type: 'string'},{name:'idCreator_id',type:'string'},
    {name: 'nUnionType',type:'int'},{name: 'idUpdater', type: 'string'},
    {name:'idUpdater_id',type:'string'},{name: 'id', type: 'string'},{name:'id_id',type:'string'},
    {name: 'nType',type:'int'},{name: 'DeleteTime',type:'date', dateFormat:'d/m/Y'},
    {name: 'idDeleter', type: 'string'},{name:'idDeleter_id',type:'string'},
    {name: 'idLayer', type: 'string'},{name:'idLayer_id',type:'string'},
    {name: 'Status', type: 'string'},{name:'Status_id',type:'string'},
    {name: 'nShowUser',type:'int'},{name: 'tstamp',type: 'string'},
    {name: 'CreationTime',type:'date', dateFormat:'d/m/Y'},
    {name: 'UpdateTime',type:'date', dateFormat:'d/m/Y'},
    {name: 'sDataURL',type: 'string'},{name: 'sCaption',type: 'string'},
    {name: 'nComparison',type:'int'}
    The main problem, that it falls somewhere in ext-base.js, trying to remove element on 1044 line of code Ext.js (cause its scope somehow is window, not an array which it expects) ... Can someone help?
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    You might get better traction on this if you posted it directly to the ux's thread in the Extensions/Plugins forum.
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