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    Just curious, as a pro with JavaScript, how do you do unit testing? Do you have one or more pages that display all the elements of your library? Do you have a log of success/failure with the base YUI classes?


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    Yes, I have a set of pages that display most features possible with each component. I do a full sweep before every release. I'm not sure how much longer that will suffice though because the library is growing quickly.

    Other than that I depend on feedback and generally get things fixed quickly.

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    Question Synchronous AJAX testing?


    I've just been surfing looking for JS test frameworks to use with Ext and stumbled on this interesting solution:

    Have you ever considered something like this? I guess it would ideally be integrated into Ext's XHR wrapper. I wondered if this might help solve some of the complexities I hear you're experiencing in testing Ext 2.0+ . I don't have much JS testing experience so I'd be very interested in your feedback.


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