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Thread: <div> not acting right in Ext.window

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    Default <div> not acting right in Ext.window


    I'm trying to format some text in a window that i created via:

    var win = new Ext.Window({
    title : 'Test Window',
    closable : true,
    width : 600,
    height : 350,
    plain : true,
    html: frameHtml

    in this case frameHtml is:

    <div style="relative;width=200;height=200>
    <div style="position:absolute;top:87;left:29;width:126;height:19;background:transparent">String 1</div>
    <div style="position:absolute;top:87;left:160;width:172;height:19">String 2</div>

    What i'm expecting is that I will have the two strings side by side but they end up one on top of each other. This doesn't make sense by the top & left styles.

    I think some style is overriding it but i can't seem to find it. Any clues?


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    Why would you code html that way? You should be simply floating the 2 divs with appropriate margins. Given the layout of the window, you're probably running into issues with the way the positioned elements are nested.

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