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Thread: Populating editor grid from combo drop down?

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    Default Populating editor grid from combo drop down?

    Hi everyone,

    Plz help me out i hv an editor grid with one field as combo drop down when a value is selected from the drop down i want the related fields to populate automatically.
    for eg the combo field is supplier name once the supplier name is selected the other related fields such as contact name,phone number would be populated .

    Is there a way or ecxample which shows how to achieve this.

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    You could use the complete event of the GridEditor, e.g.
    editor: new Ext.grid.GridEditor(new Ext.form.ComboBox({
    	// your combobox config goes here
    }), {
    	listeners: {
    		complete: function(editor, newValue, oldValue){
    			var field = editor.field.valueField || editor.field.displayField;
    			var record = editor.field.findRecord(field, newValue);
    			editor.record.set('name', record.get('name'));
    			editor.record.set('phone', record.get('phone'));

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    Thanks a lot that worked out

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