Synopsis: tall tooltip near bottom of page flashes repeatedly as the tooltip "parent" repeatedly receives onmouseover onmouseleave events when the tooltip renders under the mouse cursor.

I have a tooltip (actually a Quicktip) that is configured to show when the mouse cursor moves over an element that is near the bottom of the page. The tooltip typically has 5-10 lines of text in it.

The GXT Tooltip is designed to display some number of pixels below and to the right of the mouse cursor (this is user configurable). However when the tooltip is near the bottom of the page, it appears that the tooltip code, in order to avoid cutting off the bottom of the tooltip, will force the tooltip to render higher up in the page than it would normally.

The result is that the tooltip appears under the mouse cursor, causing the element that originally received the onmouseover event (the tooltip "parent") to generate an onmouseleave event, causing to tooltip to be hidden. Once it is hidden, the original element ("parent") then gets an onmouseover event, causing the tooltip to again display under the mouse cursor, generating an onmouseleave event for the "parent" element, etc. The visual result is an endless cycle of a flashing tooltip.

A possible solution might be to modify the tooltip code to not hide the tooltip unless the mouse cursor has left the both the original element and the tooltip itself.

There are likely other solutions.