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Thread: [FIXED] [1.1.4]BorderLayout's splitter interfers with MessageBox's buttons

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    Default [FIXED] [1.1.4]BorderLayout's splitter interfers with MessageBox's buttons

    Create a UI with a BorderLayout. Add a mechanism to popup a MessageBox.alert()

    Interact with the UI and cause a MessageBox.alert() to popup. Move the MessageBox so that the MessageBox's buttons are over one of the BorderLayout's splitters. Note that when the mouse pointer is over the MessageBox's button and the splitter simultaneously, the mouse pointer changes to the splitter's cursor, and by clicking and dragging, you can resize the Components associated with the splitter "through" the MessageBox's buttons. The MessageBox will not receive the mouse click event.

    I believe the correct behavior would be for the MessageBox to consume all events, and the splitter to get no events.

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    Fixed in SVN (trunk).

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