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Thread: deferring function calls in ext

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    Default deferring function calls in ext

    I am attempting to ping a server using Ext.Ajax.request, and I want to do it every second or so. Is there a way to defer the request by a second each time so i can control the rate at which it sends the request?

    I already attempted

    Ext.Ajax.request({config options,callback, etc.}).defer(1000);

    Inside the callback, I call another instance of of the function that calls the ajax request. I thought this would defer the request for 1 second, but it doesn't; the requests still happen quickly.

    Any help is appreciated.


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    The correct syntax is:
    Ext.Ajax.request.defer(1000, Ext.Ajax, [{config options,callback, etc.}]);
    But I recommend using Ext.TaskMgr instead (see API docs for usage).

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