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Thread: Close button for window comming on left side instead of right side

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    Default Close button for window comming on left side instead of right side

    When ever I open a new window , the close button for window is coming
    on the left side above the title , normally it should come on the right side of the window
    Is there any property to be set ?
    This is how i create a window
    Window chartWindow = new Window();
    chartWindow.setHeading("Summary Status");
    BorderLayoutData centerData = new BorderLayoutData(LayoutRegion.CENTER,
    chartWindow.setLayout(new BorderLayout());
    chartWindow.add(new MyContentPanel(),centerData);
    Thanks in advance


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    Default I'm getting the same behavior as well

    Not exactly sure what the issue is, but I found this thread:

    which is exhibiting the same issue as my deployment.

    I'm on GWT 1.5.2 with GXT 1.1.1, Windows XP SP2 and running Eclipse, Java 1.5.

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    Default Close button getting placed on the left side above the title

    I don't think my problem is some browser issue or some os issue .It always comes
    on the left side irrespective to browser .Its same for Dialog also
    Please see the image attachment with this

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    Default Doctype?

    Hey Prakash,

    What doctype do you have in your HTML file? I put:

    <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN">

    in the first line of my entry point html file and it seems to have cleared up the weird behavior that I was getting.

    Hope this helps,


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    Default Still not working

    Sorry mate its still not working
    My doc type is
    <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">
    I tried with wat u mentioned still it didn't work


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    Default Got solved

    Hi all
    My problem got solved
    It was related to style sheet file (.css)
    When I included the core.css in my project
    It worked out


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    Just a follow up question (in case it happens to me, HA!)

    were you including ext-all.css in your HTML?


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    Default Including it in xml or html

    U can include it either in the gwt.xml file or in html file
    Both way it works.


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    Default CSS Confusion

    Thanks everyone for pointing out what CSS needs to be included for the window button bar to render with right-align. I've been using GWT Ext for only a week and one thing that I wish was a bit more straight forward was the CSS libraries that ship with the DL. As I start to make use of components (say datepicker), it doesn't render like the samples/examples I've seen. I then dive into some of the sample code and each sample has its own version of CSS libraries. I would have assumed that the purpose of ext-all is to bring in all CSS resources required for default GWT Ext to function correctly. Unfortunately, this isn't the case. I did finally get my datepicker to render a bit better by grabbing a datepicker css, but it still is a bit off.

    Our team will be purchasing this product for development and my hope as these dollars go towards addressing some of this area.

    Thanks again everyone for the post, it's really the only resource I can find that has helped.


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