I create a tab by copying a sample tab.

    createTab: function (rec, cfg) {
        var tabpanel= Ext.getCmp('robeca-view-main-Main');

        var myPanel = Ext.create({
               xtype: 'TicketDetail',

        cfg.itemId = id;
        cfg.items = myPanel;

my grid.Panel contains storage "RequestHistory"

Ext.define('robeca.view.main.details.RequestHistory', {
    extend: 'Ext.grid.Panel',
    alias: 'widget.TicketDetail',

    store: {
        type: 'RequestHistory'
    columns: [{
        text: 'time',
        dataIndex: 'dt'

When creating a new tab, I must pass a new parameter to the store RequestHistory, suppose ID. How can I use one store, multiple times with different parameters and with different tabs?

I cannot load all the data into the store and use the view, it is a lot of data. I need to upload data to the store every time using a this ID.

if I use one store for all grids - information will be updated in all grids at once when the store is reload with a new ID parameter...