I use tree.panel.expandPath() to show specific node in the tree panel, specifying select.true and focus:true
It does the work, but the node is positioned as top or button row in visible area, depending on previous position. I want to position it in the center.
I decided to to do int inside of expandPath's call back

callback: function(success, recNode, elNode) {
     let s = treepanel.getScrollable();
     let scrollPos = s.getEnsureVisibleXY(s.getElement(), {
        align: {
           y: 'center' // can be 'start', 'center', 'end'
     scrollPos.y = calculate right pos
it turned out that getEnsureVisibleXY() does not honor align option, just doing start or end depending on previous position.
Well, tried to do my own calculation for scrollTo(). I can use getMaxUserPosition() and getClientSize(), but I need to get offset of scroller's client area, and could not find right api call to do it.

Anybody knows how to scroll the node to the center position?