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Thread: Testing Multiple Applications in the Same Test Run

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    Default Testing Multiple Applications in the Same Test Run

    Currently, I have a project set up for each application I am testing. Is it possible to run test scenarios across multiple projects at the same time and log the output and results from test scenarios to be checked after everything finishes? The projects do not have to run concurrently, sequentially is fine.

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    In Sencha Test, a scenario is executed one at a time (either via the UI, or via the command line). If you are looking to run multiple scenarios / multiple projects through one process, you may want to look at using a CI environment tool like TeamCity or Jenkins, and setting up each scenario to be executed as a separate build step by using Sencha Test CLI (STC), via the "stc run" command, then use the CI environment to run a "build" which will run all tests, then parse the test results and provide you with a summary at the end of each build.

    We have some notes on Jenkins setup here: STC can also be run from TeamCity, and results can be interpreted when the "teamcity" switch is used (all output formats are listed here:

    You could also run multiple scenarios locally by creating your own script that runs multiple "stc run" commands - one for each of your scenarios, and set the output format to "text" or "junit", then use third party tooling to parse the results and provide you an overall pass/fail summary.
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