When a grid column's cell editor goes away, what exactly happens to it? I'm asking, because we have some grids with a particular custom editor that, unlike regular fields such as text edit boxes and comboboxes, won't go away by the time the grid gets the edit message when the user hits the Enter key, so I'd like to force it to go away and set the focus back to the grid at that point if it's still in the DOM. From debugging the code in our edit listener with some debug code added in, I can tell that a cell editor is no longer in the DOM when it goes away, but I'm not sure how it's being taken out.

By the way, our code is using ExtJS 6.0.2, so I wanted to post in those forums; but apparently, they've been shut down to new posts, so I'm posting here.

I'm seeing other grids in our project that show the above behaviour even when regular fields are used as the column/cell editor, so I need to have an answer to this so I can deal with it.

Update 2:
It seems that, if the code needs to update the grid in any way (e.g., by calling the view's refresh() method) when handling the edit listener, that appears to prevent the edit control from going away. Putting that call inside a setTimeout() call seems to solve the problem in that particular case.