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Thread: ExtJS and Websockets or Server Side Events

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    Default ExtJS and Websockets or Server Side Events

    I'm looking at avoiding excessive polling on my web application and looking into the use of Server Side Events so that I can push updates to the web client. I haven't seen any guides online on examples of using websockets or server side events with ExtJS 7x.

    From reading over the documentation, it doesn't seem like the ExtJS event model can capture these kinds of server-side events to the client since most of the framework is based on AJAX transactions.

    Does anyone know of any examples or plugins that can be used to use websockets? I'd prefer to use some server-side events that ExtJS can listen and update the client.

    I posted the same question on StackOverflow recently and haven't gotten a response so I am posting here.

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    For listening to websocket events you can take a look at ExtJS-WebSocket. Should be pretty easy to use it in ExtJS classic v7, not sure about modern framework. Anyway, you'll have to add/update/delete records in your stores manually and then commit store changes and commit record changes.

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