Ext version tested:

Browser versions tested against:
Chrome, FF

When deleting all records using GridEditable plugin, an exception is thrown :
getCachedRejected @ ext-modern-all-debug.js:16780
ensureVisible @ ext-modern-all-debug.js:38323
setLocation @ ext-modern-all-debug.js:108512
callParent @ ext-modern-all-debug.js:9063
setLocation @ ext-modern-all-debug.js:132705
onStoreRemove @ ext-modern-all-debug.js:113958
fire @ ext-modern-all-debug.js:14616
doFireEvent @ ext-modern-all-debug.js:15354
prototype.doFireEvent @ ext-modern-all-debug.js:41848
fireEventArgs @ ext-modern-all-debug.js:15261
fireEvent @ ext-modern-all-debug.js:15232
onCollectionRemove @ ext-modern-all-debug.js:57927
Steps to reproduce the problem:

The result that was expected:
No error

The result that occurs instead:
Exception thrown