Hi there,

I am using Sencha cmd v6.6.0.13 and I want to generate multiple compressed and minified files.

For now, I compress several folders into one file with the following command:
sencha compile --classpath="ext\src,core,plugin,custom" -option debug:false concat all-compressed.js

But I need 3 files:
plugin-compressed.js and

core should contain ext and core.
custom should contain only the source-files from custom folder.
plugin should contain only the source-files from plugin folder.

I dont want ext and core src in the custom-compressed.js

But the files in plugin and custom depend on the src-files of core, so I need the correct references and requires while bilding.

If I try to build only the plugin, I am getting the error that the classes from core are unknown.

Is there any possibility to do this?

Thank you