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Thread: Problem in ExtJS7: win=Ext.create(class) => => empty dialog

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    Default Problem in ExtJS7: win=Ext.create(class) => => empty dialog

    { Some complicated code (handling phone, showing abonent card)
    var win = Ext.create('FKU.view.cti.HangWindow',
    { parentWin: this.getView(),

    In ExtJS7 (classic); create empty dialog after some actions
    1. Receive call
    2. Call A() //call is hanged, everything OK
    3. Receive call
    4. Call B() // show abonent info, work with abonent
    5. Call A() // empty dialog
    What may be reason? In FireFox and MS Edge the same result.
    There are no messages, no exceptions, just empty dialog.
    Inspection in FireFox shows, that internal structure of dialog is created.

    Note: In ExtJS6 the same code work fine

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