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Thread: Webdriver scenario - switching between windows

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    Default Webdriver scenario - switching between windows

    is it possible in Sencha Test to switch to freshly opened window which has different url.
    For an instance I have case in which after login, new window (with different url) is opened with which represents the app.

    I tried with ST.navigate but it can't be different session, must be the one which has open right after login.
    Also, second thing which bothers me, application is made in Sencha GXT while SenchaTest covers only ExtAngular, Angular, ExtReact and React apps.

    other thing, what if app is made in ExtJS 4.1 but sencha test covers Ext JS 4.2+

    • Sencha Ext JS 4.2+
    • Sencha ExtReact
    • Sencha ExtAngular

    What could that mean for me? The app wouldn't recognize components?

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    Normally new windows open as separate tabs in the WebDriver-launched browser. It is possible to switch browser tabs within a test suite - please check out this example.

    When testing a GXT page, you will only be able to use the "ST.element" API to interact with the DOM elements directly.

    Most of the component-based Future APIs should work with Ext JS 4.1, but they haven't been specifically tested on that version.
    Daniel Gallo

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