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Thread: Window drag issue

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    Default Window drag issue

    Hi Guys,
    recently I observed one issue for windows dragging when it is minimized and then restored.
    I'm attaching a sample fiddle where we can see the issue.
    1. Click on button
    2. minimize it(Draggable icon will come)
    3. Now restore it(draggable will be not visible )

    If anybody knows why this is happening, please share the solution.

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    Hi sravanithalapanti,

    although admittedly a little bit late to the show.

    For anyone who is still concerned:

    The reason is that to emulate the restore behaviour maximize() is being called in the restore tool and afterwards a maximize listener handles the resize to the appropriate size.

    As can be seen in the following snippet from maximize() it disables dragdd.
    if (me.dd) {
                    if (header) {
    So it has to be reenabled like in the restore function of Ext.window.Window.

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