I created a user extension to wrap a plugin I found on these forums to add the BadgeText functionality on buttons to the classic framework. It is written as a plugin which according to the onine documentation exists for buttons. The plugin does work if I include it manually but I wanted to use this as a learning experience for creating User Extensions for Architect. I got it working so it shows up in Architect but it will not let me drag and drop it onto a button in my view. I then added "gridpanel" to the validParentTypes and reloaded the user extension and now I CAN drag and drop it on a test grid panel I added to my view. But nothing I do will allow it to be dropped on a button. Am I missing something or does Architect just not allow adding plugins to buttons?

I can include my package.json from my user extension and definition.js file for the BadgeText class if that would help.

I am using version 4.2.7 of Architect and the latest version of ExtJS 7.1.x.

--Stewart McGuire