Hi Everyone -- I'm writing this for the benefit of the forum.

I encountered a problem earlier this week, working with Architect that was a bit tricky to solve without having a good understanding of the view, viewmodel and viewcontroller framework in ExtJs/Architect. I now have a new appreciation for this framework.

Here is the problem and solution:

I added a store for an editable grid to my view model to support my grid. This view model store replaced a stand alone store in my project. Everything was working fine until I added an AfterLoad event to the store. The handler for this event was added automatically to my controller.

Then, when I tried to run my application, I got the following error: Ext.util.Event.getFireInfo(): No method named "onJsonstoreLoad" on lmAirQuality.view.paiUse in my Chrome developer console.

This was a very difficult problem to sort out. Ultimately I found that the defaultListenerScope for the view should be false. However Architect would not allow me to change this setting to false.

The problem turned out to be the fact that I had another handler in my view attached to my RowEditingPlugIn. This handler is local to the view so Architect forced the defaultListenerScope to be true.

I solved this problem buy right clicking these handlers in the view and selecting ConvertTo>ViewController Binding. After doing so, Architect automatically reverted the defaultListenerScope to false.

I hope this is helpful to you!