here is my code, I have a button which has a text and an icon which should be aligned to the right side of the text. This is working fine on Safari and older versions of Chrome, but not aligning properly (the text and the icon will be pushed to the left side of the button cropping half of the text) on latest Chrome versions. If I remove the icon or set it to another align position it works fine.

xtype: 'container',
items: [
xtype: 'button',
cls: [
id: 'SphContributionsButton',
itemId: 'btnSPHContibutions',
padding: '6px 4px 6px 10px',
icon: 'resources/images/rightArrow.png',
iconAlign: 'right',
text: 'Some text'

I tried all the possible ways to fix this but couldn't.Is this a bug in Chrome or is there any new way of doing this?