Here is my problem:
1. I have my own SA extension (a component that extends Ext.toolbar.Paging) ;
2. In "*.definitions.js" file I configured listener "onCfgChange". I checked and it works (that means the the event is fired).
3. I want to do this : when user changes config "A" I want in "onCfgChange" to get value of config "B" and set config "C".
I know how to set config values with "this.setConfigValue("C", value)".
But how to get a value of any config ?
There is no "this.getConfigValue("B")" method. I checked this.

Extended question:
In "onCfgChange" I want to retrieve a store that is bound to my component and than make a change to the config of that store. Is this possible ? When I change a config of my component in SA the "onCfgChange" would change the config's value of a store that is bounded to my component. Store is either the global store or in a ViewModel of the view where my component is.