Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong i created a new app in architect using EXT 7 and it had font awesome 5 icons you can see them in the packages folder and in the app I changed the theme and the icons changed to font awesome 4 i changed the theme back and the font awesome set is still 4.

I created another classic based on EXT 7 and this time the font awesome base is 4. Im going crazy trying to figure out why i cant get font awesome 5 back into architect while i can clearly see the updated font set in the packages folder

all my apps based on EXT 6 show the older font awesome 4 icons in the packages folder

Font Awesome 4 font set

2019-12-24 12_51_43-fonts.png
Font Awesome 5 font set
2019-12-24 12_50_55-fonts.png