I have been messing around with getting google to spider and index a hashbang site. I just have a few pages and some simple navigation. It has only been up for 24 hours so and Google Search Console is saying I need to wait a couple days.

While i have been waiting I have been looking at single page app navigation without the hashbang. It seems that other frameworks/tool-kits can do, like react and angular.

Extjs has a setting in Ext.feature for history.

name: 'History',
        fn: function() {
            return ('history' in window && 'pushState' in window.history);
console.log("HISTORY: %o", Ext.feature.has('history'));
It seems to always return false even when the expression in the function returns true.

It looks like it would be a big job to modify the router to support no hashbang and revert back to hashbang when needed. Plus I would be stuck with my method even if sencha decided to support this in the future.

Does anyone have an experience with this? Is sencha planing to support this in the future?