I signed up for a free trial of 7.0 but I think my boss is not going to let me have a license after all and I will have to build a project with version 6.2.0. I work for a university so there is no money to be made on this project and everything we build belongs to the state anyway.

I would like to attempt to create an app with version 6.2. I have downloaded the code from https://docs.sencha.com/extjs/6.2.0/...g_started.html. NPM commands work on my system but sencha commands do not. The only example that I have been able to use to start an app has been one that begins with logging in on the command line. But if I do that, it's my free trial account for version 7. How do I start a new project with the community version of Sencha? Do you have to purchase a license for the community version? I'm very confused.