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Thread: Is there a simpler way to do this?

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    Default Is there a simpler way to do this?

    Is it possible to create a sencha application without using one of the command-line build tools?

    It is possible to load your application without using the little fake webserver that launches the site every time you save (and takes about 11 minutes to do so)?

    Is it possible to organize the files in a much simpler file structure, with the library of sencha outside of the application and just the bare minimum needed inside the application?

    Is there a tutorial out there for version 6 that does not require using the build tools or the incredibly difficult to understand nesting of structures?

    Is there any documentation or tutorial that shows how to build an app that doesn't have the theme with the big dark blue left side panel?

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    1. You can, but you do not want that. See
    2. Yes, use almost any other web server. Note: 11 minutes is enormous for the tutorial app. Mine takes ~30 seconds for a a project with 70k lines of code. Check you resources.
    3. Yes, but again you do not want that. Just use Sencha Cmd, build your app and your output will be a few MB
    4. ExtJS has a big learning curve. Be patient, take some time and dig into the 'nesting structures'. After some time you will start to understand and like them.
    5. I believe Sencha does not offer other sample apps. But in my opinion is enough to get someone started.


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