Our application uses lots of Tree Grid components and since an upgrade to Chrome 76 the column headers are expanding to huge widths after clicking to expand a node.

if i inspect the source the inline width of all the columns is
width: 3.35544e+07px;
This seems to be getting inherited from the header container

<div id="headercontainer-1095-innerCt" data-ref="innerCt" role="presentation" class="x-box-inner" style="width: 3.35563e+07px; height: 51px;">
                    <div id="headercontainer-1095-targetEl" data-ref="targetEl" class="x-box-target" role="presentation" style="width: 3.35564e+07px;">
                          Columns here...
I put some breakpoints in the itemexpand and afteritemexpanded methods but it seems to be something that is happening with the SDK code.

Any ideas what could be causing this ?