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Thread: HBox Layout and Scrollbars when browser shrink in size

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    Default HBox Layout and Scrollbars when browser shrink in size

    In fiddle i have two grids, left is with fixed height, right without. (Version 6.7.0 Classic)
    If i shrink the browser window in size, no scrollbar appears on right grid and on left grid the scrollbars doesn't shrink or grow.
    Only a scrollbar appear for the whole panel.
    This behavior is also on 7.0.0.

    What can i do, that the scrollbar for this two grids reacts on browser window size?
    Is this really bug?

    Erwin Stadlbauer
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    Your panel over-nesting was also playing with the scrollbars... didn't need to nest common grid in panel as it is a panel, so then layout was auto. Also you didn't need to dock the grid on left, when using hbox

    Seems to be some issues with scrollbars in several configurations, seems that if you set to stretch then you get the scrollbar result

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