I am attempting to render a simple phone number form field using Architect 4.2.6 and Framework 6.7 classic.
following the documentation from here it would seem rather trivial https://docs.sencha.com/extjs/6.7.0/...InputMask.html

So in Architect one can create
        xtype: 'textfield',        label: 'Phone Number',
        placeholder: '(xxx) xxx-xxxx',
        inputMask: '(999) 999-9999'
placeholder is not part of the Architect properties so I have added that, and also tried without it. This code previews in the browser fine, but when I make a production build and deploy it the page fails to render and generates the following error to the browser console
app.js?_dc=20191022134609:1 Uncaught (in promise) Error    at new Ext.Error (app.js?_dc=20191022134609:1)
    at Function.raise (app.js?_dc=20191022134609:1)
    at Object.Ext.raise (app.js?_dc=20191022134609:1)
    at ctor.onRouteRejection (app.js?_dc=20191022134609:1)
    at app.js?_dc=20191022134609:1
simply removing the inputMask from the field solves this problem.
Is there an alternate way to achieve the same masked input behavior or has anyone else managed to make this work?