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Thread: set accordion class when active tab panel

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    Default set accordion class when active tab panel

    Hi, I use accordion menu, when I click it open the grid inside a tabpanel.

    How I can set a custom css class to the menu to the activated tab, and change it when I change the to other tab.

    my actual code is

    region: 'center',
    xtype: 'tabpanel',
    reference: 'tabPanelCenter',
    listeners: {
    tabchange: 'changeTab'


    changeTab: function(tabPanel, newCard) {
    //Here I want to change the submenu css class

    Best regards

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    You can add custom class to the click menu item like given in below fiddle -

    If you want to remove the class on tab-change, rather than another menu item click, then on tab-change event you just need to get the menu and loop through its items and remove class like give in the above fiddle.

    Hope that helps !

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