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Thread: When to use what kind of locator?

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    Default Answered: When to use what kind of locator?

    Hello there,

    I was wondering what are the benefits of using different (and more specific) locators than ST.Element such as

    - ST.Component
    - ST.button
    - ST.grid
    and so on.

    I can refernce all of the via ST.Element so in which use case would I use the other ones?

  2. When you want to reference specific aspects of a grid, you would need to use the "ST.grid" API, as that exposes "rowAt", "rowWith" methods, which aren't available under the other classes like "ST.component" and "ST.element".

    Each different component API (ST.component, ST.grid, ST.button, etc) exposes different methods, and allows you to do different things with those components.

    ST.element is designed for working with standard HTML elements, rather than components.

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