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Thread: Grid update fails after adding column.Widget

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    Question Grid update fails after adding column.Widget

    Hello everybody!
    I use ExtJS 6.7 and I get an error when I try to update a grid with Ext.grid.column.Widget
    Please help me to understand how to solve this.

    Error comes after callJoined method:
    record.callJoined('afterCommit', [fieldName]);

    Here is specific description.
    Grid contains several simple columns and dynamic-added column.widget:
    var column = Ext.create('Ext.grid.column.Widget', {
                    text  : '...',
                    width : 200,
                    onWidgetAttach: function(column, widget, record) {
                         // simple operations
                    widget: {
                        xtype   : 'button',
                        text    : '...',
                        listeners: {
                            click: function(me, event, eOpts) {
                                // simple operations
    Then I attach it to a main Ext.grid.Panel component like this:
    grid.headerCt.insert(2, column);
    On this stage everything is nice, column with buttons are shown and acts well, but...
    There is some additional functionality - window which is opened by clicking on other cell (gridcolumn), it uses ViewController and on onCellclick it calls:
    record.callJoined('afterCommit', [fieldName]);
    And then a crash:

    Tracing shows that crash occurs here (ext-all-rtl-debug.js):

    updateColumns: function(oldRow, newRow, columnsToUpdate, record) {
    // Replace changed cells in the existing row structure with the new version
    // from the rendered row.
    for (colIndex = 0; colIndex < colCount; colIndex++) {
        column = columnsToUpdate[colIndex];
        // Pluck out cells using the column's unique cell selector.
        // Because in a wrapped row, there may be several TD elements.
        cellSelector = me.getCellSelector(column);
        oldCell = oldRow.querySelector(cellSelector);
        newCell = newRow.querySelector(cellSelector);
        // Copy new cell attributes across.
        newAttrs = newCell.attributes; // HERE IS THE CLUE????
                                                         // for the gridcolumn attributes are full, but for widgetcolumn they are null
        attLen = newAttrs.length;
        for (attrIndex = 0; attrIndex < attLen; attrIndex++) {
            attName = newAttrs[attrIndex].name;
            value = newAttrs[attrIndex].value;
            if (attName !== 'id' && oldCell.getAttribute(attName) !== value) {
                oldCell.setAttribute(attName, value);

    What I need to do to solve the error?
    This is a huge project with dynamic grid constructor so I can't produce it in fiddle.

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    The problem is solved by adding necessary parameter to Ext.grid.column.Widget object:

    dataIndex: 'WidgetColumn',

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