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Thread: EXTJS 7.0 Trial

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    Well what do you know. Now it works. I received a totally different email the other day! Very strange.

    The first email was:
    Your 30-day trial starts now!

    We’ve set up a Sencha account for you on npm that will be active for 30 days and provides full access to everything you need to start building applications using Ext JS. Ext JS and all related packages are hosted on Sencha’s private npm registry.

    And today I got:
    Welcome to Sencha Ext JS 30-day Free Trial!

    Building your data-intensive applications couldn't be faster, secure, and more robust with Sencha's professionally supported framework, components, and tools!

    Seems there are different Evaluation forms to fill, or something has changed. At the moment, I can not find the other form I was filling out first. Looked pretty similar and it had this URL...

    Well anyway. Thanks a lot! Now I can try it out. (I was using Architect 3.2 quite a few years ago...)

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    the email template has changed. and now is greater.
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