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Thread: Tree grid scroll to record bug

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    Default Tree grid scroll to record bug

    The "scrollToRecord" function for the tree grid fails to scroll to the proper node when all nodes have been expanded:

    Hit "Fill" to load the data into the tree, "Expand" to expand all the nodes, and "Search" to search for the item with "ITEM": "90909090" and scroll to it. Observe that the console logs the proper node, but the scrollToMethod doesn't take the user anywhere near close enough to the node, which is at the bottom of the tree.

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    I believe the issue is the same as this bug where if you have an infinite list with variable row heights, it does not scroll to the item. Trees do extend from list eventually.
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    Thanks a ton!

    I removed the config:
    variableHeights : true

    So i'm using the default configs of:
    variableHeights : false,
    infinite: true

    This fixed several other issues I was having in my screen; so thanks!

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