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Thread: Event recorder crashes

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    Default Event recorder crashes

    When installing Sencha Test on another machine than my original pc the following problem occurs.

    Upon starting the event recorder, inside the it-block obviously, the previously selected chrome browser opens up as desired, as you can see here 2_browser.jpg

    Note that chrome is the only browser that wasw displayed for selection even though I have several other browsers installed locally, but thats another issue.

    After about 5 seconds chrome closes and the event recorder is stuck in this screen 1_eventrec.jpg

    Now it is possible from here to just cancel the recording or simply insert an empty recording but thats obviously not what I intended to achieve.

    Here's the console log of this whole thing

    172        0:14:16.062        [INF]      Proxy Server open on port 8700
    173        0:14:18.797        [INF]      [INFO] [model/farm/Embedded] Embedded Selenium server started
    174        0:14:20.877        [INF]      [INFO] [model/browser/SandboxBrowser-21] [INFO] [process/ElectronSandboxProcess] Sandbox process running
    175        0:14:21.979        [INF]      [INFO] [model/browser/SandboxBrowser-21] [INFO] Initializing Sencha Test sandbox
    176        0:14:21.984        [INF]      [INFO] [model/browser/SandboxBrowser-21] [INFO] Loading Sencha Test core
    177        0:14:22.089        [INF]      [INFO] [model/browser/SandboxBrowser-21] [INFO] Loading test framework
    178        0:14:22.114        [INF]      [INFO] [model/browser/SandboxBrowser-21] [INFO] Loading scenario libraries
    179        0:14:22.120        [INF]      [INFO] [model/browser/SandboxBrowser-21] [INFO] Loading page objects
    180        0:14:22.122        [INF]      [INFO] [model/browser/SandboxBrowser-21] [INFO] Loading test suites
    181        0:14:22.126        [INF]      [INFO] [model/browser/SandboxBrowser-21] [INFO] Loaded C:/Users/Marc Scheffler/TestProjectForExamples/test/Google/search.js
    182        0:14:22.130        [INF]      [INFO] [model/browser/SandboxBrowser-21] [INFO] Sandbox initialized
    183        0:14:25.251        [INF]      Starting ChromeDriver 76.0.3809.126 (d80a294506b4c9d18015e755cee48f953ddc3f2f-refs/branch-heads/[email protected]{#1024}) on port 43343
    184        0:14:25.253        [INF]      Only local connections are allowed.
    185        0:14:25.254        [INF]      Please protect ports used by ChromeDriver and related test frameworks to prevent access by malicious code.
    186        0:14:28.714        [INF]      [1568756439.280][WARNING]: Timed out connecting to Chrome, retrying...
    What could be the problem?

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    We have heard a couple reports of this issue on Windows when using Sencha Test 2.3.0, and have opened a new issue with the reference number ORION-2574. I will follow-up here when we have a resolution. In the meantime, I would recommend using Sencha Test 2.2.1, if you need to make use of the WebDriver Event Recorder.
    Daniel Gallo

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