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Thread: Ext JS documentation > 4.2.5 not found (404)

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    Default Ext JS documentation > 4.2.5 not found (404)

    I'm currently looking at:
    When I select any version above Ext JS 4.2.5 from the top left drop down, I get 404 - page not found. How can I look at the latest version (7)?

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    When you click the drop down next to the Sencha Documentation header (on the 404 page) you can choose the other versions.

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    Did you click on the link I provided and then try and select a ExtJS version above 4.2.5 ?
    If you had, you would have received a 404 error.
    Try one of these links (comes from the drop down selection I referred to):

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    Apologies twaindev. I appreciate your help in providing that working link to me. Thanks.

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