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Thread: Download of latest Architect link in 30-day trial email does not work

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    Default Download of latest Architect link in 30-day trial email does not work

    Hi,I've just registered for a 30 day trial (5 days ago) of Sencha Architect and received the trial email. When I click on the link: Sencha Architect visual app builder in the email, it just takes me to the following page:

    which is a redirect to the same page I started on when I requested the 30 day trial:

    How do I download the Architect application for Windows?

    I have sent Sencha a Contact message but no response.


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    Have you figured it out? I am also in the same boat. I am going in circles. I get extjs link after i register but there is no way for me to downlad the free trial of Sencha Architect.

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    Hi Rama,
    Unfortunately no, there has not been a direct response yet from Sencha on this issue.

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    Hi,i have same issue, is there anyways to download a free trial of any version ?
    I just need 1 to learn.

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    Not sure if anyone from Sencha is looking into this issue?
    Seems it affects more than just me.
    I was given a direct download from a Sencha consultant in Singapore but I'm not sure if I can add it to these messages.

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    yes, you can just kidding.

    i am not sure either. If the link is to download a trial version, i don't see that would be an issue but i will leave it to your judgement.

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    Hi Sencha administrator.
    Is it ok for me to post the download links to SA on this forum?

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    SA defaults to trial if you don't log in.
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