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    I droped a Panel into my MainView, so I cannot create a ViewController for that Panel.Then I right-clicked the Panel and select "Promote to Class". The Panel went to the Views list,but didnt get his own ViewModel and ViewController. Create missing VM or VC does not work. Is it a bug?

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    If you drop a panel into an existing view it would not be expected to have a viewmodel and viewcontroller created for it. Those would be with the parent in the view. That would not be fun to code against (my opinion).

    Example from what you state "I dropped a Panel into my MainView". So you are expecting a viewmodel and viewcontroller for every panel you drop into your MainView? If that is the case, do you or would you expect a viewmodel and viewcontroller when you drop any component into your MainView?

    Your panel is a component within your view. Names viewcontroller, viewmodel would indicate they belong with a view and not a component. So Architect is working as expected.
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