As it has been with any comment on the blog, it seems moderation takes forever if at all. Here is my latest comment on this blog:

Screen Shot 2019-08-14 at 10.59.51 AM.png

Test part (with code formatting):

This is odd, do people really code like this? I mean adding your own methods using Ext.define is common but why override the framework? Why not just name your controller methods something else?

Also, instead of having methods on the class (and configs which is a bad way to code IMO), why not show thought leadership and teach people to use ViewControllers? It seems like you are trying to find a way to do things differently and should just go with how the framework does things. I don’t see what benefit this is bringing?

Little nitpick, that for loop in your override should just be a while loop. It’d be more legible to more people and in many circumstances, while loops can be more performant than for loops. So you’d have this (I’m sure WP comments are gonna kill code formatting):

scope = me.up();

while (scope) {
  if (scope[fn]) {

  scope = scope.up();