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Thread: Ext.grid.column.Widget.bindDataIndex not set correctly

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    Default Ext.grid.column.Widget.bindDataIndex not set correctly

    According to the docs, a widget column can bind the value of a column's dataIndex to the widget's defaultBindProperty. (though this is deprecated behaviour). From my understanding of the docs and according to a comment in the code of Ext.grid.column.Widget.beforeRender, this should only happen, if the widget does not specify a bind property. To distinguish the two cases the Widget class has a boolean field bindDataIndex. However, bindDataIndex is set to true, even if the widget does specify a binding. See the following fiddle:

    This leads to an unnecessary binding to be created.

    The problem is in Ext.grid.column.Widget.beforeRender. The fiddle proposes a fix that you can test by removing the comments.

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    Thank you for contacting Sencha Support!

    This issue has been registered as a bug under reference number EXTJS-28611. I also appreciate the fix you have mentioned in the fiddle.

    Sencha Support.

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